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Very insightful, thank you

Nothing pissed me off more than when I was taking a math test and this shit happened. Fuck math classes. 

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no one deserves this 


no one deserves this 

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What do people even do with Bachelor degrees?

Something to look forward to, I suppose.

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Social media is plagued by the two halves not making a cohesive whole. People are so concerned with how their media will be perceived by their social circle that it all becomes masturbatory statuses revolving around how great their life is or how shitty their life is at any given moment. Updating people on going-ons in your life is one thing. Bragging about the mundane is another. Sure, sometimes the mundane is worth bragging about. But just to say “got some coffee!” is just adding noise. People become reliant on these sites when they’re bored and this is what happens. I’m not above this. But I feel like I’m more aware than the average person. Because people are so caught up in the reactions to the media they post, they put social experiences in a place of lesser importance. The people I find most interesting on these sites are the ones who balance. The people who do cool shit with rad people they care about and post about it on the times they do it. They don’t flood my feeds with 39 poorly taken pictures. They get the coolest 1 or 3 (never 2) shots and post them. If Facebook wasn’t so damn useful, I would very possibly delete it. But I only check once in a blue moon anyway, mostly because I’m busy, and also because it’s annoying as shit. Twitter is fine, for the most part. I can filter through the noise pretty easily, and I have a lot of fun on there (usually). Instagram depends on the day. Not all content needs to be funny or entertaining or well thought out for me to enjoy it. I just feel there’s a severe lack on sincerity or at least thought put into the digital scapes.

But what the fuck do I know? I’m on all these sites, probably being a part of the problem.

*files post away in folder of bullshit essay shit to draw inspiration from later*

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While the roommates are away, the Wes shall play (his music slightly louder).

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same. this speaks to me. 

same. this speaks to me.